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About us

About us

Who are we?

2b4 was founded by Christophe Leclercq, Christel Dupriez, Natacha Van Kesteren and Philippe Dupriez in 2012, their goal was to organize christian music concerts to spread the gospel in Belgium. In November 2013, the first event took place in “Le cirque royal” in Brussels, with a concert of Jeremy Camp. Close to a thousand people attended the event. In May 2014 a second concert was set up in Charleroi with Adam Cappa as performer. We are currently setting up Leeland’s concert on the 7th of November 2014.

Our goals

As mentioned earlier, the priority is to spread the gospel. The goal isn’t to entertain churches with highly rated artists, but to use the opportunity of these concerts to invite people who don’t know Jesus. Our dream is that every christian attending the concert brings one unsaved with him. After organizing the first two concerts and busy with the third one, we have realized something, and that may have given us one more goal. There are 2 main communities in Belgium, the Walloon (French speaking) and the Flemish (Dutch speaking) and we’ve come to realized how big the gap between our communities is. We had a hard time promoting our event to those who don’t speak French, and they would face the same issue. Plus we usually organize events in French or in Dutch, so why bother inviting someone who might not understand what’s being said… This is when we understood that something needed to be done and this has become or new goal, Worship together in unity. We want to praise the Lord together, no matter what our language, our cultural heritage is. What brings us together is much greater than what sets us apart.

We can summarize our goals in 5 core values:


As christians unity is of utmost importance, great things will come when God’s people is together as one. The ennemy’s work is division, but we want a united church, disregarding denominations, language as barriers. We will continue to host such events in English while translating in the two major national languages.


we created a “product”, allowing church goers to invite unsaved people without fearing to appear ridiculous or outdated. A present-day experience with a clear message.


we hope for an eccentric church, focused on what’s outside, that leave its walls to reach the world by spreading the gospel.


“For where two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them”. When people raise praises to God, heavens open and the glory of the Lord falls upon us. There’s a struggle in the spiritual world when such events take place, and we want to see God’s glory (all over the world).


we want to share our faith using contemporary christian music, without ambiguity regarding our message : we want to tell about salvation in Jesus-Christ.

Our needs

Our three major needs are the following: 1. Intercessors: people willing to spend time praying for all aspects regarding our events. We want to walk in the path that He wants, we don’t want to listen to ourselves, but His will. We will face confrontation and God is our only hope. 2. Contacts: 2b4 is more or less based in Walloon Brabant as most of its member lives in that area. We are looking for people everywhere in Belgium who are willing to share the word about our events, distribute flyers, visit churches, represent us during concerts, … 3. Talents: we are seeking talented people ready to use their talent within our organization. Are you a web designer or a video editor? Can you translate from English or French to Dutch? Can you cook a meal for 30 people? There are many ways you can help us organize these events. If you feel like you giving us a hand, pray for that feeling and ask God to show you his will. If He does, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We’ll sing it out to let all the world know
That Jesus saves
Raise a shout to let all the world know
That Jesus saves