June 19, 2024
Bethel Music | La Madeleine
Time: 20:00
Venue: La Madeleine
Address: Rue Duquesnoy 14, 1000 Bruxelles
Zipcode: 1000
Country: Belgium
Email: info@2b4.be

Bethel Music Collective for Worship Evenings in the Netherlands and Belgium

Every generation has worship songs that are recognized worldwide. In recent years, the Bethel Music collective from America has made its mark on worship with songs like “No Longer Slaves,” “Goodness of God,” and “Reckless Love.” Additionally, the collective travels the world to worship God with local churches, and the Netherlands has become a regular stop on those journeys. Various Bethel Music songs are included in songbooks, and previous evenings have had a profound impact on both the attendees and the Bethel team. It’s not surprising that the group is returning to Europe in June for concerts in the Netherlands and Belgium.

When the Bethel Music team leads worship, you know the evening will be characterized by a few recurring words: Passion. Surrender. Emotion. God-focused. Many of Bethel’s songs transcend differences between churches by focusing solely on God. Furthermore, the composition of the collective constantly changes and is not dependent on personal popularity. Passionate worship takes precedence. Perhaps that explains the broad popularity of the collective’s music.

In Europe, songs like “No Longer Slaves” and “Reckless Love” have been embraced in recent years, with translations such as “Goedheid van God” (Goodness of God), “Voor Eeuwig” (Forever), and “Egypte” (Egypt) emerging. Singing along seems guaranteed on June 17 (Groningen), June 18 (Oud-Beijerland), and June 19 (Brussels) when the collective sets foot on European soil again. Don’t miss it!

Bethel Music

  • June 17 Stadskerk, Groningen
  • June 18 Ev. Gem. De Poort, Oud-Beijerland
  • June 19 Brussels

(all evenings start at 8:00 PM)